About Trilliant Surgical Ltd:

Trilliant Surgical is a transparent company. Open minds. Open communication.

Founded in 2007, our company provides small bone implants to podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons. Our focus is on bone and joint elective and trauma procedures for the foot and ankle. We remain committed to the innovation of podiatric implants and surgical instrumentation with a strong focus on brilliant design, development, and distribution.

Our current offering includes ten product lines for forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot, and ankle procedures. We are FDA approved and ISO 13485 certified. Many of our products either hold patents or have patents pending.

We maintain corporate headquarters and manufacturing in Houston, Texas. From initial concept to completed production, we remain responsive and progressive.

With distributors both domestically and globally, we are continuing to grow and expand our footing across the globe.

Work with us to experience better relationships, better profitability, and better patient outcomes.

Better than brilliant…


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