Talar Dome Bone Block

The Talar Dome Bone Block is derived from the superior talus, one of the strongest bones in the body. This unicortical graft’s structure consists of a tightly-woven cancellous scaffold which is intended to provide increased strength and maximize bone remodeling potential.

System Highlights

  • Processed for consistent and predictable sized blocks, available in medium and large
  • Can be used for procedures such as Cotton or Evans osteotomies, as well as other foot or ankle reconstructive applications
  • Freeze-dried, provided sterile via low dose, low temperature, gamma irradiation with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Packaged with a shelf life of 5 years and may be stored in ambient temperatures

Trilliant Surgical is a distributor for CellRight Technologies.

900-00-089 Rev B

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