Arsenal Foot Plating System™

The Arsenal Foot Plating System arms surgeons with Variable Angle Locking Implants with Dual-lead screws (VALID™), a powerful combination of patented and innovative technologies, to address all types of fusions, fractures, and osteotomies in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot. This titanium alloy plating system offers a full “arsenal” for an extensive range of applications.

  • 60° locking cone of angulation (up to 30° in any direction)*, exceeding the competition
  • Lock and relock screws 5 or more times*, designed to reduce implant waste and save OR time
  • Patented plate hole and screw head interface design provides a nearly 100% stronger construction than a leading competitor*
  • Multiple 1st MPJ, Lapidus, lesser metatarsal, midfoot, calcaneal, and universal plates for a full complement of plate offerings in a single system


*Data on file.

Certain system features covered under US Patent No 10,743,922.

900-00-112 Rev C

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