M.I.B. (Minimally Invasive Bunion) Plating System

The Minimally Invasive Bunion (M.I.B.) Plating System is a unique approach to triplanar hallux valgus correction. The M.I.B. plate minimizes soft tissue disruption by only requiring a small incision site, and provides a quick, solid construct.

System Highlights

  • The M.I.B. assembly allows for simultaneous correction in the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes by utilizing a transverse osteotomy
  • Multi-directional compression and stabilization of the osteotomy is achieved by using 2.4mm distal locking screws in conjunction with two anti-rotational, crossing, interfrag screws
  • The titanium plate masks the osteotomy for minimal, medial palpability through the transition between the distal shoulder and proximal intramedullary spade
  • All M.I.B. system instrumentation and implants are contained in a single, small, autoclavable tray

900-00-088 Rev C

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