Novafix™& Novafix AC™ Dehydrated Membranes

Novafix and Novafix AC are sterile allografts specifically used by clinicians as a wound cover that offer protection from the surrounding environment in the treatment of superficial and traumatic injuries. Novafix, amnion membranes, and Novafix AC, amnion-chorion membranes, are composed of placental extracellular matrix (ECM) donated by prescreened mothers electing caesarean childbirth. By utilizing native immune-privileged, bioactive properties, Novafix and Novafix AC encourage healing by providing a biological bandage for the surgical site while minimizing the risk of an inflammatory response.

System Highlights

  • Dehydrated membranes adapt to irregular surfaces
  • Contain a wide variety of biologic components that have reportedly been shown to*:
    – Support healthy tissue regeneration
    – Modulate inflammation
    – Minimize scarring and/or fibrosis
    – Contain anti-adhesion properties
    – Decrease pain
    – Lubricate and/or cushion opposing tissues
  • Detergent-free and terminally sterilized in double peel packages for easy passage to the sterile field
  • Off-the-shelf, ready-to-use, no refrigeration required and packaged with a shelf life of 5 years


*The Novafix™ & Novafix AC™ products do not make such claims and comply with the homologous use and minimally manipulated criteria as mandated by FDA.


Trilliant Surgical is a distributor for Triad Life Sciences™, Inc.

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