Novafix® & Novafix® DL Dehydrated Membranes

Novafix and Novafix DL are sterile allografts specifically used by clinicians as wound covers that offer protection from the surrounding environment in the treatment of superficial and traumatic injuries. Novafix, amnion membranes, and Novafix DL, amnion-chorion membranes, are composed of placental extracellular matrix (ECM) donated by prescreened mothers electing caesarean childbirth. By utilizing native immune-privileged, bioactive properties, Novafix and Novafix DL encourage healing by providing a biological bandage for the surgical site.

  • Dehydrated membranes adapt to irregular surfaces
  • Contain a wide variety of biologic components that have reportedly been shown to support healthy tissue regeneration
  • Detergent-free and terminally sterilized in double peel packages for easy passage to the sterile field
  • Off-the-shelf, ready-to-use, no refrigeration required and packaged with a shelf life of 5 years


Trilliant Surgical is a distributor for Triad Life Sciences™, Inc.

900-00-118 Rev C

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