Sniper Staple, Non-Sterile

The Non-Sterile Sniper Staple System provides surgeons additional fixation options for reconstruction procedures for the bones of the foot and ankle. The consolidated set of dynamic compression implants and associated instrumentation offers various sizes and quantities of staple implants from 8-20mm bridge widths.

System Highlights

  • Low profile, high-strength, super elastic nitinol compression staple implants
  • Staple legs designed with dual-barbs or ridges intended to mitigate migration without increasing difficulty of revision
  • Reduced internal staple corner radius intended to lower stress and potential implant fractures
  • Simple intra-operative reloading capabilities enabled by a quick-release staple spreader
  • All system instrumentation and implants are contained in a small autoclavable tray

900-00-090 Rev B

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