SteriShield II™ Dual Layer Amnion

SteriShield II is a dual layer amnion patch intended to create an environment conducive for regenerating healthy tissue and improving clinical outcomes.

System Highlights

  • Published benefits of amniotic membranes may include reduced inflammation, reduced fibrosis/scarring, decreased pain, and anti-adhesion properties*
  • A dual layer amnion preparation allows for reversible application at the surgical site and eliminates side specific placement requirements
  • Provided sterile via low dose, low temperature, gamma sterilization with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Packaged with a shelf life of 3 years and may be stored in ambient temperatures
  • Available as a patch or disc in a variety of dimensions

*Please refer to References below (not specific to SteriShield II)


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900-00-097 Rev B

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